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Platinum We Buy

At CashForYourGold we buy all forms of Scrap Platinum. We also buy all materials containing Platinum group metals including Palladium and Rhodium. When you sell your platinum to CashForYourGold you get highest pay out, fastest transaction and best customer service. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Here are examples of Platinum we pay you for:

platinum we buy
  • US platinum coins
  • Platinum coins
platinum bars
  • Platinum bars
  • Platinum ingots
platinum sheets
  • Platinum screens
  • Platinum foils
  • Platinum sheets
platinum wire
  • Platinum wire
  • Platinum thermocouple wire
platinum laboratory ware
  • Platinum from medical waste
  • Platinum laboratory ware
platinum flakes
  • Platinum crucibles
  • Platinum flakes
  • Platinum buttons
  • Jewelers polishing and buffing dust
platinum spark plugs
  • Industrial platinum waste
  • Platinum scrap
  • Platinum targets
  • Platinum spark plugs
  • Scrap dental materials and alloys
  • Rhodium
  • Concentrates containing platinum
  • Platinum sponge
  • Palladium sponge
  • Rhodium sponge

Please note: we do not accept any automotive catalytic converter materials.

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